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GU Roctane Energy Gel – Orange


From years of scientific testing comes GU Roctane Energy Gel. Formulas proven by thousands of elite athletes competing in the most physically-demanding sports in the world. Roctane starts of with the original GU energy gel recipe and adds new ingredients for performance. GU’s superior mix of complex and simple carbohydrates that provide quick and sustained energy. Electrolytes included for replenishment. Caffeine taps into extra power and diminishes pain. Higher levels of citrates to help speed the conversion of carbohydrates into energy molecules. More of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, valine and isoleucine to serve as another fuel source, aid in recovery and help maintain mental focus. New ingredient, the amino acid complex Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG) which limits the body’s tendency to break down muscle protein tissue during extremely hard training and racing days. 32 grams, 100 calories per packet. Pomegranate Blueberry Ingredients; maltodextrin, (glucose polymers), filtered water, fructose, Roctane amino acid blend (Histadine, leucine, valine, isoleucine), ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate (OKG), sodium citrate, malic acid, citric acid, potassium citrate, natural pomegranate flavor, natural berry flavor, calcium carbonate, sea salt, caffeine, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

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