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Powerbar Power Gel


Power Gels keep you going when the hills get steep or when the finish line seems far. . Optimized blend of carbohydrates formulated to improve performance. Contains all the electrolytes in a sports drink. Contains 15% of your RDA of vitamin C & E to help combat free radicals produced during exercise. With very little fat you don’t get dragged down. Chocolate and Strawberry /Banana flavors have 25 mg of caffeine. Tangerine flavor has 50 mg of caffeine. Vanilla has no caffeine. 110 calories per pack. Should be consumed with water.

About Eastern Mountain Sports
"The adventurer’s heart is a spellbinding mix of passions – a fire that burns to explore the limits of both nature and self. And to push those passions to the max every single time they take it outside, we at Eastern Mountain Sports know that every adventurer needs to believe in every single thing that’s in their pack – starting with the pack itself." --- Eastern Mountain Sports; More Details

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